About Agano Party

What is Agano?

A Political Party for all Kenyans rooted and firmly established on Just and righteous Principles. Agano is a party for all Kenyans.

Definition of Agano

Agano is a Swahili word meaning: Covenant, promise, testament, agreement or pledge.

Our Vision

To see Kenya become a Nation of JUSTICE, UNITY, PEACE, LIBERTY, PLENTY and BLESSINGS, achieving the KENYAN DREAM and VISION which Kenyans at Independence and in our National Anthem covenanted with Almighty God and themselves to seek to pursue.

Our Mission

Agano Party, a political party in the Republic of Kenya, exists to radically transform Kenya into a modern developed Nation at par with the other first-world Nations, through a servant-leadership of vision, integrity, righteousness, professionalism and excellence.

What We Believe

Our Core Values

  • Vision
  • Integrity
  • Servant leadership
  • Promise keeping
  • Justice
  • Compassion
  • Dignity
  • Family focus
  • Frugality
  • Stewardship
  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Prayer

    Agano's Pledge

    Agano's pledge is, to move our Nation from:

  • Poverty to prosperity,
  • Hunger to abundance,
  • Disease to good health,
  • Corruption to integrity,
  • Injustice to justice,
  • Oppression to freedom,
  • Insecurity to security,
  • Homeless to sheltered,
  • Division to unity,
  • Immorality to morality,
  • Unemployed to employed,
  • Limited education to education for all,
  • From ruin to restoration
  • Ethnicity to oneness
  • Environmental degradation to environmental stewardship and management
  • Discrimination to equality
  • Global followers to global leaders

    Why Agano

    Agano answers to the need for a credible alternative to the prevailing divisive politics that have prompted KENYANS and are concerned about the state of the country 43 years after independence to launch a democratic party founded on just and Godly principles.

    Agano's Committment

  • Agano is committed to routing out rampant social evils and corruption and to creating systems and institutions that are above politics and accountable leaders that do not compromise their principles but serve with integrity, vision, and accountability.
  • Agano is also committed to speak for those who have no voice or cannot be heard, the poor, marginalized and vulnerable, youth, women, disabled and physically challenged, HIV infected and affected, and all such others.
  • Agano seeks to share its vision and mission as the alternative party in Kenya to provide an alternative political platform for aspirants who seek to serve the people of Kenya while focused on the socio-developmental concerns as expressed by the people of Kenya.

  • Membership

    Who Qualifies?

    A person can be a member of Agano if that person is:
    1. A Kenyan
    2. Over 18 years
    3. Believes in the KENYAN DREAM and VISION of a blessed, just, united, peaceful, free (liberty) and plenteous/prosperous Kenya.


    1. Agano has come into being at a time such as this to:
  • Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves
  • For the rights of all who are destitute
  • Speak, judge and lead fairly and
  • Defend the rights of the poor and needy 2. To this end, Agano will concentrate largely and almost wholly on the interests of:
  • The poor in Kenya
  • Lowly
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Disabled and physically challenged
  • Unemployed
  • Uneducated and those who cannot afford education at all levels
  • HIV infected and affected
  • Those in prison
  • Those who cannot vote or get Ids. Also: The vulnerable and the marginalised in every part of Kenya with same emphasis on Northern Kenya.
  • Agano Prayer

    In English:
    Oh GOD of all Creation,
    BLESS this our land and nation,
    JUSTICE be our shield and defender,
    May we dwell in UNITY, PEACE and
    PLENTY be found within our borders.
    In Swahili:
    Ee MUNGU Nguvu yetu,
    Ilete BARAKA kwetu
    HAKI iwe ngao na mlinzi
    Natukae na UNDUGU, AMANI na UHURU
    RAHA tupate na USITAWI.

    Agano Party stands for total change and total break from the leadership in Kenya of the last 50 years!

    Our Slogan

    Badilisha?..... Badilisha Kabisa!

    Badilisha?.....Badilisha Kabisa!

    Join Us

    How to become a member:

    You can become a member by:

    1) Sending Full name and ID to 23147 from your Safaricom line. This entitles you to ordinary membership.

    2) If you wish to be elected as an official in any of the party organs or sub-organs from the grassroots, you shall be required to enhance your membership fees as advised by the party through communication details provided in the application / membership form.Later or as soon as possible, Fill in the membership form below for further correspondence
    Your surname:
    Your other names:
    Your phone number:
    Your ID / Passport number:
    Your gender:
    Your birth date:
    Your voting county:
    Your e-mail address:

    3. Similarly point (2) above will apply for those who wish to apply for any elective, nominative or appointive positions in the republic of Kenya and / or as provided in our constitution and laws. Again, duly fill the membership form below for further correspondence.

    4) All subscriptions are renewable annually and payable by 31st January of each successive year.

    5) The party reserves the right to change above terms with notice and advice to it's valued members.

    Contact Us

    Lets Keep In Touch

    • Address

      Beaver House, 1st Floor, Room 1 & 2

    • Tel numbers:

      0723-909362 / 0729-253500 / 0722-335925

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